Your comfort is our concern. Anyone can sell you a furnace and air conditioner. Let us help you create the ultimate comfort system for you and your home. The right heating and air conditioning system can make all the difference -- and save you money on your utility bills too.

Join Comfort Care Club members and enjoy peace of mind knowing the condition of your comfort system before each season. Like included Pre-Season Tune-Ups which eliminate the need for emergency calls by revealing potential problems with your heating or air conditioning system that can be corrected inexpensively before causing a major repair bill.

Why Rely on Us for Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

We like to think of ourselves as a Customer Care Service that happens to be in Heating and Air Conditioning. Unlike many  ”be there in a hour, throw something in, grab the money and run” type of companies, we at Elite Air Inc. believe in investing for the long haul. Only after fully understanding your HVAC needs, your home and your equipment can we provide the value you deserve. At Elite Air Inc., we not only repair heating and air equipment, we focus on the complete wellbeing of your indoor air comfort system.

From the wide open areas of Kane, Kendall and Will counties, to the denser areas of Northwest and Western Cook and DuPage counties, our main goal at Elite Air Inc. is to keep you and your family comfortable at home. Once part of the Elite family, our responsibility is to keep your heating and air conditioning systems at peak safe and efficient performance levels. Giving you the peace of mind that you and your loved ones can sleep comfy and safe all night long.

Focusing on providing outstanding service every day, one client at a time is how we earn your trust. Keeping an eye on the details is how we build a relationship. And we very seriously value that.

If you’re fed up with just being the next call on a list, give us a ring. Discover the difference of building a relationship over just collecting a fee. We think this extra effort matters and believe you will too.


Who We Are

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The Difference

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Furnace Repairs

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Who We Are

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